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Anonymous asked:
Hi! I just saw everyone talking about their stage door stories with Ramin, and I thought I'd share mine. It was actually really good, he went out obviously tired but still with a smile and he took pictures with everyone, and he even got my phone to take his with me. It was the standard "The show was great." "Thank you." story, but that's what most actors are like. And he took really long to get through the line, he was literally the last one to go.

im glad you had a nice SD experience !!! 

dont yell at me about the whole adelphi shit. im just the messenger. i’ve gotten so many messages asking what it is, so i told you. its up to you to believe it or not. im just telling you want you wanted to be told. its not my fault

Anonymous asked:
the adelphi story?

basically its a rumor that ramin cheated on his wife. with someone in LND which played at the Adelphi theatre, hence the name of the rumor.

there are no concrete sources on it, but people on tumblr have said that they personally know people who know about the situation or something, and they’re all saying it’s true. i’m really borderline on it because there’s no source. im not accusing people of lying, but it just seems far fetched

to anyone who wanted to know what the adelphi story is, there. im fed up with getting questions about it

Anonymous asked:
Concerning the stage door thing, Ramin was the ultimate sweetheart when I met him at the stage door. Oh man, he was so kind when I asked to take a picture with him and sign my playbill and we chatted for a bit and he was the humblest guy. Just my experience x

i’m glad that you had a good experience !!!! i’ve just heard sooo many stories saying the opposite. but im glad that you had a good experience !

so while i’m kinda falling off the ramin wagon and im starting to not like him, my aunt kelly still loves him a lot so when i stay with her next week i need to keep my mouth shut about the cursing thing and the adelphi story because like. she’s so happy and she met ramin in les mis toronto and she loves ramin and i dont want to spoil things for her. i know how much it sucks when you find out that your fave is doing bad things and is just kinda sucking in general and just ://///////

Anonymous asked:
(same anon) it's totally true that he's kind of weird at the stage door. like, he came out with a hat pulled over his eyes like he was going to just walk out, but then he took it off and was being all friendly with the girls he had walked out with. He was sort of treating it like he was surrounded by paparazzi. Then he said he wouldn't take pictures with anyone because he would never get through the line, even though Andy Mientus had been going down the line for 20 minutes and still smiling.

yeah :/// when i went to les mis bway, hackmann was on for valjean and he was the world’s biggest sweetie. everyone (except chris mccarrell because he had somewhere to be) took their time and took pictures with everyone and chatted with literally like every person there and it was so nice 

Anonymous asked:
I just saw ramin in les mis and he was amazing, so I'm kinda curious why so many people don't like him. (that sounds kind of like I'm being mean but I swear I'm actually curious I'm just not good with words)

nah its okay

so like, i like ramin in other things. i think he had a fantastic raoul, a pretty awesome enjolras, and a decent phantom. and his valjean started out really good. he did well in the west end and in toronto (at least for me he was good) but then something sorta ??? changed???? on broadway for me ??? his acting choices for valjean just seem a bit stale and with the whole cursing debacle that’s happening, thats just ????? also i hear that his attitude needs a makeover. i hear that he’s like rude to fans at the SD???? or maybe he seems like he doesnt care about the people at the SD??? that’s what i’ve heard from other people, so dont hold me to that

but like ?? im just sorta falling out of love with his valjean. 

but opinions are opinions. people are allowed to have different ones


buying tickets for a hackmann thursday more like


that’s why im here 



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goodmorning !! i got about 7 hours of sleep so i feel kinda nice

I’m gonna try to sleep. night