sarah. 17. US.
july 13th never forget
she/her pronouns

alright well I’m gonna go to bed. night guys !!!

Anonymous asked:
and to reply to your post, both is good, both is really good :) girl to make out with and a girl to be a girlfriend, well, that would really be a lovely miracle :) but yeah, both


Anonymous asked:
i volunteer to be the cute girl you make out with from time to time because i think youre cute and i think im cute and ya

works out perfectly

Anonymous asked:
yeah, me too, girls are nice to kiss

like !!!!

idk if I want an actual like relationship or a very cute girl who is willing to make out with me all the time with no real commitment


alw erik is really mysterious and sexy but leroux erik spends most of his time crying or making puns


really wish I was kissin a cute girl rn. whatta shame

Anonymous asked:
you're the living embodiment of a ray of sunshine. like everyone that gets to see you everyday is so lucky! i just want to kiss you and play with your hair and talk about how there needs to be more lesbian musicals

ur a dream come tru

Anonymous asked:
oh, and if you apply for that hot people network I know who is C.E.O. <whispers> u

u got me.

no but really I hope I get in tho !!

Anonymous asked:
but ummmm noooo you cant be the one making me blush here, nooo ummmm this isn't happening, your full of such cute !!! aaaaahhhhhh !!!!

aw gosh !!