sarah. 17. US.
july 13th never forget
she/her pronouns

it is sleep time now ok goodnight

I thought that we had something special, monty anon.

when other people use the terms gglam hell and gglam trash I get so proud like !!!!! I have coined Terms. I’m gonna be popular

Anonymous asked:
u are the most adorable Snow White I've ever seen in my life

thank u so much omfg !!!!! I’m gonna meet snow tomorrow I’m so excited I’m Probsvly gonna cry and say thru my tears “ur my fave princess can I have hug now pls”

tell me how cute I am please


Cecil says to Carlos, “hey Carlos, are those space pants, because your ass is out of this world!” Carlos looks down. god dammit. god dammit his pants have turned into the actual void of space god this is the 6th time this week

gabrielladysquith asked:
modern au p/m/s go to disney world? ;)

YES PLeaSE oh god monty would be terrified of rides and phoebe and sibella would make him go on space mountain and he’d basically shit himself tbh

idk what peoples impressions of me are but don’t think I’m THAT nice because I talk so much shit on literally everyone so

talk GGLAM to me

my entire dash is just those dream role promo ask memes eugh

I hear my parents in their room………y’know


[kisses someone]

[is surprised when the patented gglam kissing sound effect™ doesn’t play]