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hi! i was just wondering— do you happen to have a Heathers bootleg?

there’s a link to download it here. act one act two . there’s an understudy on for JD and an understudy on for Heather Chandler, and some swings are on for some ensemble tracks here and there, but other than that, i believe its the original cast ??? 

if you dont want to download things (because i know that some people just dont like it) here’s the link to the first half hour of act one. there’s no understudy on for Heather Chandler or JD. but it cuts off after the song Big Fun. 

the download links used to be available on youtube, but they got taken down. i dont like to download boots because i always end up getting viruses because im stupid and download it the wrong way ???? but if you download boots, then here. 

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